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!Free Kindle ♿ Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement ♔ In this in depth study of what makes a museum a successful organization, Anne Bergeron and Beth Tuttle look at so called magnetic organizations, namely ones that combine a powerful internal alignment with a compelling vision so that they are able to attract critical resources, such as talented and committed employees, loyal audiences, engaged donors, powerful goodwill from the community at large, and the financial capital required to sustain programmatic excellence and growth Magnetic The Art and Science of Engagement analyzes six American museums Children s Museum in Pittsburgh Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia Conner Prairie Interactive History Park in Indiana The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia Natural Science Center of Greensboro in North Carolina and Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma Each of these has embraced a shift in ideology and set a new course that has enabled them to achieve a positive reputation and a fruitful engagement with the community This philosophy of magnetism provides a model not only for museum administration but also for all types of organizations from corporations to nonprofits that wish to maximize their involvement with their customers and the wider public while strengthening their own organizational infrastructure must read for musuem professionals great things to think about in creating a vision for your museum This is a must read for anyone and everyone who loves museums, but worries about their relevancy and sustainability Powerful case studies, and plenty of ways to make it work at your institution Tons of ideas, and it certainly helped me shape some ongoing thoughts about the future of my own institution. I read this book for a class in my Museum Studies masters program, but that being said it still inspired me to do great things in the institution I currently work in If you feel your organization is in a slump, be inspired by Magnetic Museums Definitely one of the better textbook reads over ever been assigned Full of real stories and tidbits from people who obviously love their jobs and the fantastic organizations they work for Highly recommend Using a lot of great case studies this book examines Museums and what makes them appealing, engaging, and successful in today s world I think this is a great read for museum professionals It also helped me reflect on a lot of good ideas implemented by other museums and examine how my own institution aligns with some of the keys to magnetism.