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!FREE EBOOK ⚇ Stormy Waters ♆ As Kerry begins work on the cruise ship project, Dar is attempting to produce a program to stop the hackers she has been chasing through cyberspace When it appears that one of their cruise ship project rivals is behind the attempts to gain access to their system, things get stressful than ever Add in an unrelenting reporter who stalks them for her own agenda, an employee who is being paid to steal data for a competitor, and Army intelligence becoming involved and Dar and Kerry feel off balance than ever As the situation heats up, they consider again whether they want to stay with ILS or strike out on their own, but they know they must first finish the ship project Note This is the second part of the online story formerly known as Moving Target The first part is published as Tropical Convergence Iconic lesbian content.This whole series is a delight I ve read over and over again, since I first discovered it as an Uber fic at the age of thirteen. Love Dar Kerry Love Dar Kerry Oooh Intriguing What will happen with the ship bid I ve read it before so I know It makes a great story I love visiting with my old friends, Dar and Kerry I feel like I ve known them for half my life.Ps I will say there were a lot of small grammatical and spelling errors in this one that I haven t seen in the others.