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I first read about six of these Dirty Harry novels as a teenager and liked them well enough So far, upon re investigating the series in my middle age, I am not quite as impressed as I once was the plotting in some of the books is a bit arbitrary,the mysteries not very surprising,but what the heck, it is pulpy writing that proves entertaining and reads pretty fast That said, I enjoyed City of Blood than Not the best of the series thus far, but still an exciting romp Fairly simple plot, but the sex and violence make it completely worth while. *Download Pdf ⇭ Dirty Harry #6: City of Blood ☠ Only Dirty Harry Callahan Can Stop The Snuff Psycho On His Frisco Rampage Winos Burtally Slain On San Francisco S Skid Row Beautiful Young Women Butchered In The Act Of Sex By A Perverted Killer The Acts Of Two Men Or One Not Even Dirty Harry Knows But He S Going To Find Out, If He Has To Break Every Law To Do It From Frisco S Sexual Underground To The Boardrooms In The City S Sky, Harry Plunges Into A Blood Streaked Manhunt That Will Leave Only One Survivor