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Excellent love and the true king life story. This is my first kindle book At first it seemed like a regular book that talks about the empire and kingship, but it gets exciting when Ravivarma conquers his own place in the Chera land and strives to become a capable leader The love emotions between Youjina and Ravivarma cannnot be portrayed better I got into the book so much that I developed some sympathy for Padmavathy, who never had a chance to acquire the King's love. just startedthe hero of this book was buried at Salalah where I am living presentlya fantastic piece from Kavignar Kannadasan..Cheraman perumalPadmavathiYugiyanaSavitha.a lovable characters.AFTER READING WENT TO HIS TOMB AND PAID RESPECTS AT SALALAH,DHOFAR REGION,OMAN A book which I was longing to read from my early age, but buried in my memories, came to life when my nephew, a student of Engineering, referred about it ! I happened to pass through HB Stall in Chennai and never failed to get the book Such a wonderful writing of Kavignar Kannadasan People know about his poems In this historical novel, his poetic writings add so much of flavor The story is about the history of Cheraman 3 , a King who reigned the land of Chera those days The first two parts say how he manages to become the kind of the country, though married, falls in love with a Jewish lady whom he had to send back to her native country on the grounds of some superstitious beliefs! The Third part tells how he once again falls in love with a Muslim lady, under what circumstances he decides to marry her and also starts living with both the Jewish and the Muslim lady, against his own wishes to be loyal to his Country and people The writer brings out the feelings of the hero so nicely that Hero just lives in flesh in our memories Simultaneously the author never fails to give us the proper historical details too! The tremendous reading experience filled my mind with love and peace ! Great book. This is the first novel that I read completely and within very short period of time after my 12th exams are over My mom used to say I am reading this withaggression than my 12th public exam held that time Very interesting story line. Sakithya academy award One of the rarest works on Cheras That was what prompted me to read this book When you read about 50 pages, you will get to know what Kannadasan is very good at Expressing love and lust through poems This is a roller coaster historical novel encompassing love, rage, revenge, religion, conspiracies, stupidity and philosophy In some places the events get finished even before you could notice The rush in those spots were quite irritating We cannot fathom whether it was a deliberate attempt to pour in all sorts of emotions into this book But they have not workedoften What I liked about this plot is that it never really tried to super glorify Kings like some other historical fictions did Just when you feel someone has nearly become invincible, right then kannadasan has brought the character to the ground again and again The flaws of humanity are revealed throughout the entire story Overall, it was a memorable read The title of the book is the most scintillating part of it. Poets are not the writers, they are magician Who do tricks with the words.••Flow of the book is the great magic that he did with words Still I felt not so impressive coz of sandiliyan kalki the way they use to tell history’s are pretty much dramatical to read take the breath of the reader, what’s next Makes the reader turn pages.••Quite religious storytelling makes me hate it At the time my mind set was ugh! Overall very lyrical to read and failed to impress me In the end I realised poets are magicians not musicians Details of the history Kerala and cherans was very neat and sweet coz of kanadasan tamil literature • After lost love, anyone you meet does not rekindle your spirits Same is the case after reading Kalki's works Legendary writers like him set a huge benchmark such that other works almost always looks mediocre Hopefully time will heal this problem Kannadasan is one of the lyricist that I like the most His songs are evergreen Accordingly his characters in this novel do not talk They sing It gives so much pleasure to read this novel But I feel strong characterization drama is lacking in it.To think of interreligion love and interreligion marriage during the Chera times and to think of a king (Cheraman Perumal III) who left everything for his love makes one turn the pages The king who forcefully took a kingdom in the beginning leaves it in the end because of his love towards a Muslim women This novel also narrates the social pressure the king faced because of his interreligion marriage All of it was relevant in 1980's and I believe that is the reason for the Sahitya Akademi Award. `Free Book ↝ சேரமான் காதலி ↠ Popular ePub, சேரமான் காதலி by Kannadasan This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book சேரமான் காதலி, essay by Kannadasan Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? 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