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~Download E-pub ⚈ Unbroken ♀ Unbroken is a story by Micky Neilson featured on the official site about how Vindicator Nobundo survived the fall of Shattrath City and learned the ways of the shaman to become Farseer Nobundo A great short but touching story about the first Draenei shaman Nobundo. Oof, all those women In the refrigerator 3 5 Great read for Lore fans of WoW Strongly recommended. Rereading the old short stories This is a great story on how the Draenei got their first shaman It is a sad tale of heartache and despair for the Draenei It seems to me that the affected got it from whatever that red mist was in Shattrath It never really tells you what the mist does other than it chokes the person and they pass out I am curious as to what this mist was. The beginning of my delve into Warcraft Lore. A great origin story of a 1st Draenei shaman.