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Lots of proofs of ESP, paranormal phenomenon The author demonstrates how over the centuries unexplained phenomenon have always been ignored by science and why career scientists are always motivated to follow the main stream.Very good and entertaining book for those who wantproofs of paranormal existence. Had to read it for class Brought up some very interesting evidence for some paranormal activity, but I am not totally convinced on a lot of it. |READ BOOK ☩ Best Evidence ♁ Best Evidence tells of an investigative reporter s three year quest to uncover the best scientific evidence for ESP, psychokinesis, mental healing, ghosts and poltergeists, dowsing, mediums, near death experiences, reincarnation, and other impossible phenomena A national Gallup Poll found thatpercent of Americans believe in one or paranormal phenomena that science can t explain and won t accept Chances are, you re one of them At the dawn of the st century, despite being reared on science and skepticism, people of every country and culture continue to experience and report paranormal phenomena that shouldn t exist Investigative reporter Michael Schmicker tracked down the best scientific evidence for these phenomena that refuse to disappear No National Enquirer nonsense here Schmicker searched through sober parapsychology journals and monographs puzzled over statistics stuffed psychokinesis studies from Princeton University and reincarnation research from the University of Virginia read throughbooks from theclassic ghost study Phantasms of the Living to a fascinatingstudy of near death and out of body experiences in the blind, Mindsight discovered surprising endorsements of psychic research from light bulb inventor Thomas Edison and Xerox machine inventor Chester Carlson, psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle and Apolloastronaut Edgar Mitchell tracked fiery academic debates on the Internet exchanged email with poltergeist hunters and even spent an evening at a mind bending, spoon bending party in Nevada