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( READ KINDLE ) ♺ Seance: Healing Messages from Beyond ☮ A seance is a second chance to say I love you or goodbyeA seance with Suzane Northrop is nothing like those portrayed in the movies There are no raps, no flickering candles, no moving tables But you do sit in a circle, and once there, you may not leave Then, with her eyes closed, Suzane begins to speak She brings messages from the dead She offers hope And she changes livesIn this groundbreaking book, Suzane makes you an eyewitness to seances where sorrow and anger turn to love and forgiveness You will read the testimonies of people who have heard from those on the other side You will discover dramatic truths that will take you by surprisewhether you believe or not And if you choose, you will learn how to communicate with the spirit world, discovering for yourself the inner peace that comes with the knowledge that death is not the end