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^DOWNLOAD EPUB ☟ Stephen Kings the Dark Tower ↠ I found this overview of In World, Mid World, and End World both entertaining and invaluable So, I am convinced, will you from the foreword by Stephen KingThe Dark Tower is the backbone of Stephen King s legendary career Inspired than thirty years ago by works as diverse as J R R Tolkien s epics, Robert Browning s poetry, and Sergio Leone s Westerns, this is the tale that Stephen King has never abandoned When he typed the first sentence in 1970, King feared the telling might take several lifetimes, but two thousand pages and four books later, the end is in sight.Published in anticipation of The Dark Tower V Wolves of the Calla, A Concordance, Volume I is the definitive guide to the first four books in Stephen King s bestselling epic fantasy series, The Dark Tower With the hundreds of characters, Mid World geography, and the High Speech lexicon, this comprehensive handbook is one no Dark Tower fan will want to be without It is the perfect way in for readers new to the series, or the perfect way back in for longtime fans who read the first four books years ago.Characters and GenealogiesMid World and Our World PlacesHigh Speech, Low Speech, and Mid World ArgotMid World MapsPolitical and Cultural ReferencesRoland Deschain and His Ka tet Portals and Magical PlacesMid World MiscellanyGilead Fair Days and Mid World MoonsThe Dark Tower and the Quest