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I am tempted to really gush and pour forth all my excitement about this book But I ll try to still my beating heart and make myself heard above the thud thud The book collects together some previously unpublished poems, among them a love poem which I cannot resist quoting in full Love 10 A K RamanujanLove poems, he says, are not easy to writebecause they ve all been written before.Words play dead The seasons are trite.Love poems are not easy to writefor anyone present their lips are sore,hearts elsewhere, or just full of spite.And love poems are not easy to writefor absent ones can t remember any the colour of their eyes, try as one might.Love poems are not easy to writefor the dead after the sting of sorrow,ironies of relief, one s stricken with blight.Turning over and over tomorrowand yesterday, day is already night.Love, unwritten, cataracts his sight.Other than the poems there are a couple of interviews, an essay on memory as a literary [[ Pdf ]] ↾ Uncollected Poems and Prose (Oxford India Paperbacks) ☈ AK Ramanujan Has Been Recognized As The World S Most Profound Scholar Of South Asian Language And Culture This Book Brings Together For The First Time, Poems And Essays By Ramanujan, Which Could Not Be Used In His Lifetime Also Included Are Ramanujan S Conversational Interviews With Academics And Friends, Folk Tales, Discussions Of Shakespeare, Translation And The Idea Of Communication