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.Epub ☩ Ivory Rose ☨ FOOL FOR LOVE When her long lost twin appealed to innocent Sabrina Buchanan for aid in escaping an arranged marriage, the convent bred lass was only too eager to help But by the time she realized she d been tricked by her sophisticated sister, the honey haired beauty had no choice but to wed Garrison McBride, the frighteningly virile lord of a huge estate Sabrina would never be able to forgive her sibling, even worse, she d never be able to forgive herself for now she could never deny her intense yearning to become a woman at the masterful hands of the handsome stranger DUPED BY DESIRE Worldly Garrison McBride well knew his betrothed s reputation for flirting, but he needed a wife and the wench s enormous dowry was ample compensation Then he saw his breathtakingly magnificent fiancee and the hot blooded aristocrat couldn t get her out of his mind Garrison s inflamed passion dictated that he not wait for the wedding to claim what would be his anyway By darkest night he stole to her room and discovered with shock that Sabrina had been a maiden But by then he d gone too far to turn back, for he was intoxicated with her body s delights, drunk on her scent of IVORY ROSE