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A charming picture of childhood in a small 1950 s town just outside of Peterborough Some references are dated, and the writing is somewhat old fashioned, but overall a sweet story. (READ BOOK) â Kimberley of Millpond ´ Kimberley of Millpond is based on Bernice s family s life in the actual town of Millbrook, Ontario in thes Her daughter, co author, incorporated her own vivid memories with Bernice s vision for the book The setting and tone authentically depict small town life in Ontario at that time, complete with both eccentric and typical characters The story focuses on the relationships of theyear old protagonist, Kimberley, her sister, Valerie, and three friends, Edie, Bobby and Jenny and Kim s dog, Goldie As in the Booky series, the main characters and events were inspired by real life The book demonstrates how much life has changed since thes including an operator phone system, school corporal punishment and the advent of television while childhood feelings remain the same Cocooned in the safety of a small town in a innocent time period, the children are free to roam the town or go to the pond on their own, which creates an exciting plot The novel encompasses many relevant themes family life, friendship, love, as well as poverty, child neglect, bullying, betrayal and dealing with death