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#DOWNLOAD Ë The Secret of Bhagavad Gita: Discover The World's Grandest Truth ¿ No matter what any one has read, studied, or listened to, yours is not an additional source, it is all one needs Margaret Ferguson UK years of ignorance wiped off in a second This is amazing Narsedalia Lopez, USAThe beginning of a ground breaking turnaround in my life Alan Woods AustraliaFinally Illumined Lo Enejoh Obaje,LA, USA While Bhagavad Gita The Song of God is one of the world s best known spiritual and literary treasures, the scope of its seminal meaning isn t always paramount among the many accolades given this priceless text Yet the full and true impact of this venerable Hindu saga, though of ancient vintage, can affect countless number of modern readers of any national, religious or ethnic background The battlefield advice given by Krishna, the Hindu deith, to Prince Arjuna rings with mind searing veracity that can modify and influence every element of behaviour in contemporary life and thoughtSri Vishwanath the author provides a clear and practical analysis of Krishna s dictums and the questions posed by Arjuna, which represent the moral confusion of mankind THe supernal and mortal worlds of thought and action come together with illumination and clarityThe ancient song and its timeless message are rendered into a modern primer on how men and women should behave to reach other, to nature and the universe and ultimately to the consciousness and concept of GodThe popularity of Vishwanath s other books which explain many spiritual concepts and methods of achieving mind clearing serenity continues to soar It is the rare reader who won t find his or her outlook changed by reading this book and their life improved by absorbing the essence of this epicSri Vishwanath is the author of numerous bestsellers including theNoThe Joy of becoming God He divides his time between United State of America and Mumbai, India