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( Read E-pub ) ⚡ How to be a Bawse : A Guide to Conquering Life ⚦ Chapter Play NintendoIm sweating in my blue overalls as I look at all the obstacles ahead of me I have three optionspound my head on this brick block and hope for a star,run and jump over the enemy, orstep on this turtles head and force him to retract into his shell No matter which option I go with, the fact remains that the Koopa Troopa up ahead is going to stay there I cant control it or convince it that its actually a Ninja Turtle and thus is in the wrong game Thats fine No Ninja Turtles meanspizza for me, and Im Italian, so this is all working out I know the Koopa Troopa isnt going to listen to me, and therefore I need to control the only thing I canand thats me, MarioVideogames are a great analogy for life You go through levels, get thrown off by obstacles, and face several enemies The game will become harder and harder, but its okay because you become smarter, faster, andskilled When playing a videogame, you control a character by making it jump, run, duck, and attack I mean, that was back in my day when my Super Nintendo controller had two buttons Today videogame controllers have as many buttons as a keyboard, so who knows what you can do You can probably press A Y Z while twirling your left joystick and your character will sing the national anthem Either way, the fact remains that your character is the only thing you can control in the game The enemies will keep coming, the walls will keep shrinking, and the time will keep ticking away Its your job to navigate your character through a situation you cannot controlThats exactly how you should view life A Bawse understands that there are many things in life you have no control over and it is inefficient to become frustrated by that reality Not being able to control people and situations doesnt make you powerless it just means you have to exercise your power in a different way If you cant control people, then control your reaction to them If you cant control a situation, then prepare for itBefore I started my career in the entertainment industry, I was the leader of a small dance company if you could even call it that in Toronto We started off small, with only a few dancers, specializing in only Indian dance styles, but over time, in true Lilly fashion, I wanted to keep growing and expanding our horizons Since I was little, Ive had larger than life ideas I never wanted to settle for something simple or mediocre, and as a result, when I did things, I wanted them to be the biggest and best things There were so many other dance teams and companies around and I didnt want to just be another addition to an already long list I committed my days to transforming the company in the hopes of creating a dance empire that would take over the world I really thought that was possible We would be dancing Power Rangers who saved the world, one extended leg and pointed toe at a time I decided to convert my basement into a full blown office We held auditions for dancers who were skilled in all forms of dance so that we could perform hip hop, classical, and fusion in addition to what we were already doing I organized photo shoots and video shoots and other creative marketing techniques I had so much drive and determination that no injury, financial strain, or competition could steer me off my path What I couldnt see, however, was the one obstacle that was in front of me the entire time, and which caused everything to fall apart the team itselfI had such big dreams for the company and I was always willing to work for them Without hesitation, I would pull all nighters to put together marketing materials, spend money out of my own pocket to invest in what we needed, and drive myself crazy thinking of innovative ways to set ourselves apart But then I would arrive at practice and deal with three dancers showing up late, one not showing up at all, and two of them leaving early Getting people to put in work on events to help our brand was like pulling teeth We often performed at weddings and thus needed to adhere to a professional dress code, yet some dancers would occasionally show up wearing shorts and flip flops I would get so frustrated with them because I was putting in so much work for this dream, but the reality of the situation was that the dream was mine, not theirs I tried for years to control them and make them work for something they didnt care about as much as I did, and it just didnt workMy dance company dreams faded away gradually, but the process was hastened by my discovery of YouTube I remember feeling a new sensation the first time I uploaded a video I wrote the script, shot it, edited it, and released it No one else was involved or required, and the independence was exhilarating Soon I developed an even greater drive and passion for my career as Superwoman than Id had previously with my dance team This time, however, I wasnt trying to control a group of twenty people every time I needed something to get done The only person I needed to control was the only person I could control, and that was meToday, of course, I have a team that surrounds me and helps me to build my business But Lilly is still at the root of Superwoman The success of Superwoman and the failure of my dance team helped me learn a very important lesson work with whats in your control This lesson can be applied to so many situations in our lives You get frustrated when your parents nag you, so every time they do, you storm out of the room You cant control your parents, so stop trying Instead, use that energy to control your reaction the next time they nag you You might not be able to smash a brick block and find a star that makes you invincible, but you can practice patience and build up a resistance to nagging If none of that works, you can find the closest green tube and transport yourself out of the conversationHave you ever played a videogame then lost because you realized you were looking at the wrong part of the screen the whole time You were so confused as to why your controller wasnt working, but really you were just trying to control the wrong character Thats what trying to control people is like in real life Were so often fixated on getting people to behave in accordance with what we want that we forget to focus on ourselvesThe best way to stop people from pushing your buttons is to start pushing your ownA Y Z Left joystickO CanadaChapter Conquer your thoughtsTouch your nose No, Im serious I want you to stop reading after this sentence and dont resume until you take your right hand and use it to touch the tip of your noseDo itLook at you What an impressive piece of machinery you are Do you know what you just did You were introduced to a thought and decided to act on it your brain sent signals through your neurotransmitters, through your body, and into your arm, prompting it to move and touch your magnificent noseWhy did I just make you touch your nose Because Im Simon and I run this town No, but really, it was to show you that YOU control your mind your mind doesnt control you You successfully directed your brain to touch your nose Understanding your minds power is key to being a Bawse Imagine using that same type of direction to instruct your mind to stop being negative, or jealous, or terrified We often feel that we are slaves to biology People say things like I just cant help but feel that way or I cant control being jealous But I believe that, in most situations, we can teach our minds to function withpositivity and efficiency In other words, by understanding that mushy sponge in our skulls, we can conquer our thoughtsWhat does conquering your thoughts mean First, it means you get to wear an awesome warrior costume, so congrats on that victory OOTD Also, it means understanding why you feel the way you feel, what prompts you to carry out certain actions, what causes specific reactions, and what circumstances lead you to make regrettable decisions Once you discover all the ins and outs of your mind, you basically have the cheat code to your game of life All you have to do is input the data and you have access to extra mental weapons, stronger protection, and new passageways Notice I said YOUR game of life and not THE game of life Thats because everyones mind is different The cheat codes you discover for your mind cannot be applied to all of humanity Im not encouraging you to study the BIOLOGY of the brain it is fascinating, but also, who has that much time Im encouraging you to study your specific psychological makeupI was forced to learn how to conquer my thoughts because of the nature of my job For six years Ive been posting videos twice a week on the Internet I have overvideos on my main channel andvideos on my second channelthats over , videos for people around the globe to view and judge as harshly as they desire The Internet is wonderful and revolutionary, but lets face it, it can also be extremely cruel People feel they can say anything to you when they are sitting comfortably behind their computer screen being completely anonymous When I first started posting videos, I got a lot of support mostly because my friends and family would watch and they felt obligated to be nice Also, I had a second account that I would use to compliment myself Oops , but with time I started to receive negative, hateful comments and I didnt know how to react Here are a few examples word for word, without spellcheck of the comments Ive received This lily Singh paki needs to die shes everywhere I hate seeing her Bengali paki face I hope she gets cancer or her mum dies slowly j painfully leave focus tube alone up horrible black This is why women shouldnt have rightsThis video gave me cancershe is so ing stupid she only get famous because she hot and thst sells but she is still dumb I hope someone shoots herFUN Do hateful comments still bother me Sometimes, but not as often How did I deal with them When people ask me this, my response is usually, I developed a thick skin But what I really mean is, I learned how to conquer my thoughts This is how I broke it down People are leaving mean commentsWhy Maybe its because my videos suckDo you say mean things to people when you think they suck No Not unless Im having a bad day or in a bad moodMaybe people leaving the negative comments are having a bad day Maybe thats what the comment is really aboutBut the comments make me feel insecureDo you like your videos YesSo should your opinion of your videos be dependent on what other people think Is that the type of person you want to be Not at allSo it doesnt make sense to let the negative opinions of others impact what you thinkMaybe I should stop making videos, thoughDoes making videos make you happy Yes, veryDo you believe you should value negative comments above your own happiness That doesnt sound right Maybe I should just reply to them Or you could spendtime replying to people that make you feel good so theyreencouraged to keep supporting youNow, you may think a convo like this sounds a bit naive OF COURSE people want to be happy and ignore negative comments, but its easier said than done Thats why its important to closely analyze this conversation and discover all the cheat codes hidden within itMaybe theyre having a bad day CHEAT CODE ONE Lilly, when people do or say hurtful things to you, theres a chance they may actually be upset about something else in their lifeShould other opinions impact what you think about yourself CHEAT CODE TWO Lilly, sometimes when you hear other opinions youll feel pressured to change your own Before you enter into situations in which you will be confronted with a lot of opinions, make sure you strongly believe your ownI dont want to stop making videos, because they make me happy CHEAT CODE THREE Your happiness is stronger than fear You can continue battling fear as long as your videos, make you happy Make sure you prioritize creating content that makes you happy otherwise fear and negativity will slowly take overMaybe I should reply to them CHEAT CODE FOUR Recognize that replying was suggested to make you feel better Understand this impulse and catch it before you act on it Make yourself feel better in aconstructive wayThe cheat codes I discovered while dealing with YouTube comments have been useful in so many areas of my life When someone cuts me off while driving, I apply cheat code one so that I dont overreact the person driving could be upset about something in their life Cutting me off wasnt about ME When a brand offers me a lot of money to make a video I dont actually like, I implement cheat code three my content has to make me happy, otherwise negativity will start to seep in When Im having an argument and want to make an unnecessary remark to get the last word in, I try to catch myself because I know Im just trying to make myself feel betterthus cheat code four If Ive gotten myself into an upsetting situation, its usually because I ignored a cheat code or pattern in my behaviorConquering your thoughts is not a task that can be accomplished overnight, or over many nights, to be honest Its an ongoing process that requires frequent readjustment because your mind is constantly evolving It requires you to ask yourself a lot of questions and to analyze the answers honestly From now on start asking yourself WHY you feel a certain way, WHAT made you perform a certain action, and HOW you could do things differently The information you discover is powerful because it helps you to discover patterns and in turn use your mind productively and efficiently After all, your mind is your most powerful tool, but its not useful if you dont know how to use it Its like trying to fix a printer with a stapler it doesnt work Trust me, Ive tried The key is to use a hammer because all printers suck Ce texte fait r f rence l dition CDSingh segues from her inspirational and uber watched YouTube videos to essays on how to become a bawse, that is, a supremely self confident person Shes been named one of Times Most Influential People on the Internet, VarietysComics To Watch for , ForbessUnder , VoguesYouTube Stars That Are Taking Over the World, andLibrary Journal Lilly is a bona fide girlboss, boss, and bawse Her meteoric rise has come with so many incredible lessons that we are all lucky to have access to This book is a must have for the hustler in all of usSophia Amoruso, founder and CEO, Girlboss Ce texte fait r f rence l dition CD